Future Students

If you are interested in doing research, a Masters or Ph.D thesis in my research group, please contact me! The best way to contact me is to send me an email at  (vherskov {@}! Please check out our research group, Haplab’s, website for additional information!

I am always interested in talking to students interested in learning about qualitative and quantitative research, with a passion for building, studying and evaluating technologies that have an impact on people’s lives.

Current and Past Students

  • Alessio Bellino (2018) – currently at Universidad Diego Portales (Chile)
  • Carolina Fuentes (graduated 2017) – currently Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at Cardiff University, Wales, UK.
  • Iyubanit Rodríguez (graduated 2018) – currently at Universidad de Costa Rica.
  • Cecilia Saint-Pierre (graduated 2019) – currently at Dirección Servicios TI, Universidad de Chile.
  • Gabriela Cajamarca (graduated 2023) – currently at Universidad de Yachay, Ecuador.
  • Carmen Gerea (current)
  • Katherine Vergara (current)
  • Gabriela Cajamarca (graduated September 2018)
  • Andrés Jahr (graduated March 2022)
  • Diego Arredondo (current)
  • Tomás Jelvez (current)
  • Mateo Ormeño (current)
  • Daniela Concha (current)
Engineering Degree (Memoria)
  • Teresa Siu (graduated 2012)
  • Diego Castro (graduated 2015)
  • Ignacio Astudillo (graduated 2016)
  • Esteban Piñones (graduated 2019)
Engineering Degree (Trabajo de Título)
  • Christian Ackermann (graduated 2020)
  • Maximiliano Santamaría (graduated 2021)
  • Ignacio Astorga (graduated 2022)
  • Paula Yoma (graduated 2022)
  • Araceli Rojas (graduated 2022)
  • Javier Ruiz (graduated 2022)
  • Nicolás Orellana (graduated 2023)
  • Tomás Flores (graduated 2023)