• Proyecto Anillo (2021-2024) Cyber-physical systems for personalized healthcare: a data-driven approach for improved management of diabetes and hypertension. Financiamiento de ANID (Chile). Directora Alterna.
  • FONDECYT Regular (2021-2024) Tangible interfaces for programming smart connected devices in low-income communities in Chile. Funding from ANID (formerly CONICYT) (Chile).
  • FONDECYT Regular (2018-2021). Improving user experience with wearables for elderly adults with low digital skills HCI, older adults, health and wellbeing, process mining. Funding from CONICYT (Chile).
  • VRI Concurso de Investigación Interdisciplinaria Fondo Semilla (2018). Tecnologías para adultos mayores con multi morbilidad. Funding from VRI – Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (Chile).
  • FONDECYT Regular (2015-2018). Analysis of multidisciplinary collaboration in primary healthcare using process mining. CSCW, process mining, HCI, e-health. Funding from CONICYT (Chile).
  • FuseLabs (2015-2016). Volunteer Economy: a sharing economy for informal caregivers in Chile. Funding from Microsoft Research FuseLabs.
  • FONDECYT de Inicio (2011-2015). Collaboration Visualization for Pervasive Application Design. Data visualization, CSCW, awareness, modeling. Funding from CONICYT (Chile).
  • LACCIR (2013-2015). Mobile and Tangible Computing for the remote monitoring of emotional states in palliative care caregivers,. Colaboración con CICESE (México) y la Escuela de Medicina de la UC. HCI, Tangibles, Mobiles, e-health. Funding from Microsoft Research LACCIR.